What is Bereavement Counselling?

Bereavement Counselling can be very helpful for dealing with death of a loved one and may help to lessen the emotional impact, especially if the loss is sudden. Many people have an instinct to cry; unfortunately, crying too much can cause undue stress, which can exacerbate the grief. Therefore, bereavement counsellors are trained to ensure that appropriate behaviour is displayed at funerals or wakes.

Managing Feelings following a Loss

There are some techniques that bereavement counsellors can use with clients to help them manage their feelings after a death. Some other helpful techniques can be very effective and in some cases can help clients to better deal with the bereavement, as well as assist them in building an emotional support network. Therefore, bereavement counsellors are often very useful, particularly in situations where a death is expected. Bereavement Counsellors are also helpful in situations where a death is unexpected, and the suddenness of the death makes the grief even more intense.

Coping with Bereavement

Although, this is not necessarily the case, some people find it hard to cope with emotions of sadness following a death. In such cases, bereavement counselling might prove to be very beneficial for helping the client to cope with the situation. This may include consulting with a therapist, who can give the client some useful tips on how to handle various emotions, such as sadness and grief. Bereavement counselling can also be very helpful for a bereaved person in the process of rebuilding their life following a death.

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